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The BUY/SELL report you are trying to access is for paid clients to KeyStone’s small-cap research service. Click here to view our subscription details, gain access to this unique report, and start profiting from our small-cap research service today.

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Recent Acquisitions and Organic Business Drive Growth for Technology Manufacturing Small-Cap, Margins Appear on Rise, Strong Backlog - Spec Buy

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For those unfamiliar with how our services works we can sum it up with the following;


“5 Steps to Use KeyStone’s Research Services”


Sign-up for either our Small-Cap or Income Stock Research Service or our full premium package (both) – read about the services and find out which meets your equity research needs.


Set-up an account with a discount brokerage (many of you will already have one). This will allow you to buy and sell the stocks on our recommendations in the most cost effective manner (in most cases $10 or under per transaction). For those that do not currently trade through a discount brokerage our Starter Guide has a very useful Canadian Brokerage Survey to help you select an appropriate broker for you.


Read through our helpful Starter Guide. When you become a client, you will immediately gain access to KeyStone’s Starter Guide, a simple PDF booklet that will help you maximize the effectiveness of our service. The guide provides simple information including how to understand the basics of KeyStone’s research service, layout your investment goals and understand your risk tolerance, help determine your asset (capital) allocation, how to locate a great discount broker for trading (or to switch to), how to acquire great stocks for your portfolio, how to effectively monitor your portfolio from a long-term perspective, and finally how to expand your investment knowledge.


Begin building the equity (stock) component of your portfolio– with a focus on growth. Core to our service is our stock specific BUY, SELL, & HOLD recommendations which you receive via email (PDF format) and are posted in your account on our website (PDF format) – telling you what to BUY, when to HOLD, and when to SELL. You can choose to mirror one of a number of our portfolios by buying positions in each of the current BUY recommendations or select the individual companies that suit you best from our research and build your own growth or income portfolios. We recommend you take a long-term approach and build your portfolio(s) with strategic purchases over a 6 month to year period and add to or sell individual stocks as we recommend over time.


Review and re-balance your portfolio over time. As your growth and/or income stock portfolio(s) take shape and grow over the years, stocks you hold will be continuously updated via our update reports and you will be periodically advised to alter existing positions (SELL HALF or all of your position).

It’s just that simple. So get started today!


President & CEO,

KeyStone Financial