All KeyStone research subscriptions are based on an annual period (a monthly subscription constitutes as a annual subscription, just billed monthly). On both an annual and monthly membership, there are no cancellations prior to the one year subscription end date. We provide full samples of our research so users can become familiar with the style and quality prior to accessing paid services. Once clients purchase a research subscription they have access to full portfolios and years of archived research. KeyStone’s services are designed to be applied over the long term (1 to 5 years+) as our clients build their own individual stock portfolio (10 to 20 stocks). This will allow the companies time to produce earnings growth on a quarterly and annual basis and give the stock time to perform. As such, a one-or six-month time frame is unrealistic (in fact, any service that promises you results over a 30 day period in the stock market is not one that we or any investor should be comfortable with). Clients may cancel at any point following the one year subscription end date. 

Automatic Re-billing:

All subscription/memberships are set up for auto-renewal. This allows KeyStone Financial to pass on considerable cost savings to you. It also ensures you uninterrupted delivery and access to your research, new buy reports, updates,  portfolios, DIY seminar videos, and chat session archives.

Rate Codes – Special Offer Re-Billing

Under our Automatic Re-billing policy all clients utilizing rate codes will continue to be billed at the special offer rate as long as they remain a client – resulting in significant long term savings we can pass on to returning clients each year. You will never be billed a higher rate as long as you remain a client!

Cancelling Your Subscription(s):

Annual subscribers billed annually may cancel subscriptions at anytime following the initial one-year term for a full 100% refund on the balance of your subscription term. Annual subscribers billed monthly may cancel anytime following the initial one-year term and no further monthly billing will occur. If you do not cancel the subscription, you will be automatically renewed at your expiration date and billed accordingly. This guarantees uninterrupted service so you won’t miss out on a single piece of profitable investment information from KeyStone Financial.

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