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  • Canadian Growth Stock Research

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  • U.S. Growth/Value Stock Research

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    • 26 Interactive Bi-Weekly Q&A Chat Sessions Hosted by KeyStone Analysts – No other service offers you this type of weekly analyst interaction
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  • Simple TFSA Portfolio

    Looking for 10 - 12 Stocks for your TFSA?
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    • New Buy Report/Upgrade Buy Reports
    • FLASH Update Reports (BUY/SELL/HOLD Ratings)

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Immediate Access: 2023 Electrification Report, 2023 US Under $2 Billion Market Cap Report, 2023 Canadian Dividend All-Star Report, 2023 Canadian Small-Cap Cash Rich Report. 2022 Canadian Small-Cap Opportunities Report, 2022 Profitable U.S. SaaS/Software Special Report, 2022 Roth Conference Update Report, 2022 Canadian Small-Cap Cash Rich Report, 2022 Canadian Dividend All-Star Report, 2021 NASDAQ Under $2 Billion Small-Cap Stock Report, 2021 Canadian Cannabis Report, 2021 U.S. Dividend Growth Stock Report.

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The KeyStone Advantage

Don’t settle with paying high fees and continually underperforming the market. Join the thousands of Canadians like you who have taken control of their stock portfolios with a simple strategy that allows you to pay less in fees and create a quality 15-25 stock portfolio. It’s your money and your financial future, so do something about it!

If you are looking for the magic button to financial freedom, look elsewhere. What we provide is solid, practical advice with real-time tested recommendations and a simple ongoing strategy. We do not believe in hype. Our goal is to keep it simple and recommend buying great businesses. Our research, paired with a low-cost discount broker helps you create a simple portfolio of between 15-25 stocks designed to beat the market long-term.

Quick KeyStone Stock Updates:

Hammond Power (HPS.A:TSX) – the unknown electrification stock originally recommended by KeyStone at $0.60 and re-recommended at $7.26 just hit new highs again this week at $81.60, up 304% in 2023 alone and it has now gained over 14,100% (incl. Dividends) since KeyStone’s original recommendation – a game changing stock for client portfolios. Remember, for more than two decades, no Big Bank has recommended Hammond Power.

Update: KeyStone’s Latest Small-Cap Growth Stock Recommendation

Cipher Pharmaceuticals (CPH:TSX)
Recommended: August 28, 2023, at $3.89
Today’s Price: $6.05
Gain: 55.5%


Cipher (CPH:TSX) is a unique specialty pharmaceutical company that is profitable, growing organically & via acquisitions, with a strong cash rich (41% of its value in cash & no debt) balance sheet. The stock just reported record financial results last week and the stock has jumped to new highs. Cipher is a recent excellent example of how research can produce strong gains for clients.

Newest BUY Just Released: 

Cash Rich Canadian Healthcare Software Stock at ~$3.00

Details: This week we issued a new BUY report on a cash rich, profitable Canadian Small-Cap that just reported record Q3 financials including strong organic revenue growth, strong EPS and excellent free cash flow. The stock trades at roughly 10-11 times cash flow with over $30 million in cash for inorganic growth (Acquisitions) & continues to post double digit organic growth.

Become a client today and access this promising, under-followed new buy!

Additionally, clients will also gain access to a number of upcoming special reports including:

  1. KeyStone’s 2024 US Growth Stock Report – Discovering the Next Great Growth Stocks ($599 Value) – Become a client today and ending 2023, you will receive a unique special report designed to uncover the next great growth stock by screening roughly 5,000 U.S. Stocks with market caps of less than $250 million. All companies are screened for revenue growth, profitability, balance sheet health, and valuations. Our analyst team then conducts in-depth research on the 975 stocks that met our initial criteria to uncover profitable, growth-oriented companies which are under-followed and trade with attractive valuations – leading us to discover the next great growth stocks with a similar profile to past KeyStone recommendations including BoydHammond Power, or XPEL.
  2. KeyStone’s Top Canadian Small-Cap BUYs for 2024 ($599 Value) – 2024 growth stock market analysis and our top small-cap recommendations for 2024.
  3. KeyStone’s Top Canadian Dividend Stock BUYs for 2024 ($599 Value) – 2024 dividend market analysis and our top Dividend Growth stock recommendations for 2024.
  4. KeyStone’s 2024 Cash Rich, Profitable Canadian Small Cap Special Report ($599 Value) – provides clients access to statistical data and additional analysis of ~85 stocks that were pulled from over 3,500 in Canada in the course of our research into small-cap companies with strong balance sheets and current profitability from operations. The report includes Cash Rich Recommendations from our Canadian Small-Cap Focus BUY Portfolio and Recommendations from our Canadian Small-Cap Discovery Portfolio. We have included ~15 Cash Rich Canadian Small-Cap Top Tier Monitor List stocks that we are monitoring closely as businesses that could potentially find their way into either our Focus BUY or Discovery Portfolios over the next 1-2 years. Finally, we have added a special section with reports on ~10 additional Micro-Cap (under $50 million market cap) stocks which are cash rich and profitable to our Canadian Small-Cap Discovery Portfolio Monitor List.

Just a few of KeyStone’s game changing recommendations include:

Hammond Power (HPS.A:TSX) was recommended at $0.60 over a decade ago, trading today at over $81.60 – driven by its strong growth in cashflow and the trend of electrification – producing a gain of 14,100% (incl. dividends). And the Boyd Group (BYD:TSX), a simple Auto-Body consolidator which was recommended at $2.30 in 2008, trading today at $245 up over 11,800% (incl. Dividends). XPEL Inc. (XPEL:NASDAQ), the best performing stock in Canada to graduate to the Nasdaq in the past 5 years, gaining over 3,420%. Our analysts monitored this quality business for three years before finally recommending it to clients, as we saw the cash producing power of the business well before the rest of the market!

K-Bro Linen (KBL:TSX), a company that KeyStone recommended during the last recession at $8.75. In 2017 while the company’s shares traded at $40.00, we issued a “SELL” rating on the stock. All while over the holding period K-Bro paid out over $9.00 in dividends, providing clients a total return of over 460% and became an outstanding recommendation initially made during the height of the 2008/09 recession!

Photon Control (PHO: TSX)which was initially recommended to clients at $0.46 in December 2014 and has been in our focus “BUY” portfolio over that time. The company was recently acquired by NASDAQ-listed MKS Instruments (MKSI: NASDAQ) at $3.59 generating a total return of 680%. Plus, Photon Control was re-recommended to the Spring 2020 attendees at $0.88 and provided a total return of 306.8% in just over one year.

Don’t miss out, become a client and get KeyStone’s portfolio-changing recommendations before the rest of the market.

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