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In total, 132 licenses have been granted to date to cultivate marijuana in Canada. Most of the top producers (and many smaller producers) have ambitious plans for expanding their current production capacity over the next 1 to 3 years. The following is a list of the top 10 cannabis producers based on their estimated future production (where estimates are available). Learn More



KeyStone’s 2019 Cannabis Report $599

This report provides an in-depth investment analysis of the Cannabis industry in Canada. The report includes a description of the Canadian Cannabis market, the supply and demand fundamentals as well as key risks and opportunities facing the industry over the next several years. Analysis is provided on all 101 individual, publicly-listed Canadian companies that operate in the industry. The industry’s top 3 companies are highlighted in the Monitor List – Top Tier section of the report. An additional 17 companies are highlighted in the Monitor List – Lower Tier section. Information is also provided on the remaining 82 stocks in the Research Notes section which investors can use as reference material when conducting their own research.This report was constructed so our research staff could get a look at each cannabis related public company in Canada. While no company makes our strict fundamental criteria at present for a recommendation due to lack of current cash flow, this will change dramatically in the coming years as business flows in from legal sales. We will continue to monitor each company and update this report as the Cannabis industry begins to take shape.

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