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Hosted by Ryan Irvine & Aaron Dunn, KeyStone’s Stock Talk Podcast is an interactive and educational podcast taking listener questions on individual Canadian & U.S. stocks as well as stock portfolio building strategies. The podcast focuses on KeyStone’s Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP) investing strategy as well as high quality Canadian Dividend growth stocks, unknown & profitable Canadian Small-Cap stocks, U.S. tech leaders and High Growth Small-Cap stocks. KeyStone’s Stock Talk Podcast is the only podcast talking Canadian & U.S. stocks across all market sectors – it is the type of discussion you will find nowhere else.

Weekly show highlights include:

    • Case For & Case Against – Ryan, Aaron & Brennan debate the pro’s & cons of investing in a stock from a fundamental perspective and one analyst acts as judge, jury and executioner to settle the lively debate.
    • Your Stock, Our Take Segment – Need a sober second opinion on any stock in your portfolio? Send a question and we will feature the stock on our podcast and review the business based on our BUY/SELL/HOLD Criteria.
    • DIY Portfolio Building Tips – Interested in building your own DIY Stock portfolio? Listen in every week to uncover tips on how to take control of your financial future and dissect the hot button topics and stocks of the week.

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