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If you are not getting 4 to 5% plus on the liquid cash in your investment accounts, basically risk-free, then you need to get your hands on this free report!

With interest rates on the rise, a question we are frequently asked is what do I do with the cash in my portfolio?

Our answer was to look at every liquid, low-risk, but high-yielding investment product category in Canada, define them, and rank the best Investment Savings Accounts (ISA), T-bills, GICs, and Cash Type ETFs in a simple report, for our clients – for a short time, you can get that report for FREE – just sign-up to our Free Stock Talk investing show you might just learn, laugh and get some great investment ideas, tailored to Canadian investors just like you.

Big banks are not going to help you with this – why, let me let you in on a little secret – they are incentivized to give you the lowest rate possible and lend out your money to other Canadians at the highest rate – for banks, this is how they make their money – it is all about the spread between the two – the higher the spread, the better. Even if they have the investment in the products that will pay you more (some we highlight in this report), in most cases they make them tricky to find for the average Canadian investor. This is why you need access to this report – so help yourself!

Get your hands on independent advice on the best regular Savings Accounts, little known high-yielding Investment Savings Accounts (ISA), T-bills, GICs, and Cash Type ETFs. They are simple to use, pay you 4-5% plus, and in most cases are highly liquid – in other words, you can hold them for 1 year or just 1 day – in some cases, it is 30 days, but you are not locked in for years just to get a better rate.

You can find the best options, in each category in this report for free. It’s your choice, you can earn basically nothing on your cash in a savings account, just 1-3% in products the big banks promote, OR 4-5% plus by reading just one page in this report.

All you have to do is sign-up for our FREE Podcast – and you get this report, normally reserved only for our clients, for nothing. If you want to learn about the latest financial issues, simple DIY portfolio building, and each week we answer viewer questions on great growth & dividend growth stocks – many of which you will find nowhere else.

This is a simple change any Canadian can make in their investing strategy and it makes a significant difference long-term for your investments – it costs you nothing – other than a minute or two of your time.

What are you waiting for – get the free report, and get to know our Weekly Stock Talk Show – get an independent look at investing.