Sep 29, 2019
KeyStone's VP and Chief Analyst, Aaron Dunn appears on Michael Campbell's Money Talks Radio. Aaron and Michael discuss:
  1. Investing in a low interest rate environment - rates and bond yields have been falling in 2019 after a lot of hype last year that they would continue to rise. This has made it critical to rely on an allocation of dividend growth stocks for portfolio success both to generate income and for capital appreciation (as dividend growers have vastly outperformed non-dividend stocks over time).
  2. Building a portfolio with a mix of different types of stocks - This includes investing in dividend growth stocks, high growth small-caps as well as diversifying into US companies. There are several key long-term themes that we have been covering for our clients through individual stock recommendations, including AI, big data, and cyber security.
Plus Aaron re-recommends a few dividend growth stocks for your portfolio!

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