Apr 30, 2016
In our inaugural podcast we begin with a macro focus, maintaining our view that investors should continue to get used to low interest rates and why dividend growth stocks are a great way to significantly outperform this market. Ryan rants loudly about the financial industry’s continued over complication of investing and why a simple strategy is the best choice for most investors - we give you ideas for a portfolio on a shoestring budget. This week’s Our Stock Your Take segment takes a quick look at a true micro-cap, Reliq Health (RHT:TSX-V)sent in by a client - is it investable? In our One & One segment we give you our take on news out on Bombardier Inc. (BBD.B.TSX) this week and do the same for long-time favourite Ebix Inc. (EBIX:NASD). We welcome questions on your investments for next week’s edition - profitable investing!

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