Jun 29, 2020
This week in KeyStone’s Stock Talk Podcast, we continue our discussion of the stock market’s coming potential “lost decade”. We take a look at this concept in reference to the Schiller PE and if the Market is Cheap or Expensive at present. In our Your Stock, Our Take segment we take a look at a couple of small-cap companies sent in by listeners, including a dividend payer and one cash rich technology play. The first, Decisive Dividend Corporation (DE:TSX-V), is an acquirer of diverse profitable companies including everything from a wood and gas stove business to and air blast sprayers and a business that provides products to the cement, mining, oil and gas, aggregate, and coal industries. The second is, Quarterhill Inc. (QTRH:TSX), historically an IP licensing business which is now focusing on the acquisition and management of technology companies that provides products and services worldwide. Finally, our Dog of the week, FaceBook (FB:NASDAQ), which needs no introduction. Mark Zuckerberg’s social media giant has come through the pandemic well, but is facing significant challenges near-term – Aaron discusses the impact on the stock.

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