Feb 9, 2021
To start this week, we highlight a couple of Stars from our coverage universe. The first, Sangoma Technologies Corporation (STC:TSX-V) is a Communications as a Service or (CaaS) solutions for businesses of all sizes. In the past week the company made a US$437 million transformational acquisition of Star2Star Communications, a top-ten vendor of cloud communications solutions in North America. After resuming trading Monday, the stock has jumped 35% in two days from $3.87 to $5.20. Sangoma was recommended to clients 3 years ago at $0.72 – now a 630% gain to clients – congratulations to those who own the stock! The second star of the week is CRH Medical Corporation (CRH:TSX), which saw its stock jump 80% yesterday after it was announced that Well Health (WELL:TSX) would acquire the business. In our YSOT segment we take a look at PowerBand Solutions Inc. (PBX:TSX-V). The company is a fintech provider which offers an integrated, cloud-based transaction platform facilitating transactions amongst consumers, dealers, funders, and manufacturers (OEMs). It enables them to buy, sell, trade, finance, and lease new and used, electric- and non-electric vehicles, on any phone, tablet or PC connected to the internet. Finally, Aaron Dunn will look at GameStop Corp. (GME:NYSE), and the phenomenon that is WallStreetBets. WallStreetBets and it’s forum or “subreddit” on the popular website Reddit, drove GameStop to dizzying heights on a massive short-squeeze, only to see the struggling business predictably crater. Is GameStop even worth its current price – we take a look.
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