Feb 18, 2021
This week, we start by discussing the testimony from WallStreetBets, Reddit et all before the House Financial Services Committee on the GameStop issue. Back by popular demand, we start with a Case For and Case Against debate on surging small-cap, Peak Fintech Group Inc. (PKK: CSE), a Fintech service provider to the Chinese commercial lending sector. Brennan argues the bull case, I crush him with the bear case, and Aaron sits in as judge, jury, and executioner. In our YSOT segment, Aaron answers a question on two REITs sent in by a listener. While both REITs, Granite Industrial REIT (GRT.UN: TSX) and BSR REIT (HOM.U: TSX) are not directly comparable, given that they operate in differing segments, Aaron lays out the valuations and some of the investment merits of each company. Finally, Brennan answers a listener question on Tecsys Inc. (TCS: TSX), a great Canadian software success story, which provides supply chain solutions that equip organizations with services and tools designed to create clarity out of the complex supply chain challenges. Listen on Apple Podcasts

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