Mar 24, 2021
We have a busy show for you this week – in Our Case For / Case Against debate we take a look at Skylight Health Group Inc (SHG:TSX-V), which owns and operates a proprietary virtual telehealth platform, and a network of over 30 medical clinics across 16 states in the US, providing integrative, primary, and urgent care services to over 155,000 patients annually. In our Your Stock, Our Take Segment, we answer a listener question on the very topical AstraZeneca PLC (AZN:NASDAQ), the British-Swedish multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company now best known for developing one of the 3 covid-19 vaccines approved for use in Europe. The vaccine is also approved for use in Canada but, to date, not in the United States. We let you know how the business looks from a fundamental perspective and if it is an opportunity or one to avoid. Listen on Apple Podcasts

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