Sep 9, 2021
This week, we get back to our Case For, Case Against Debates. The company in our crosshairs is Equitable Group Inc. (EQB: TSX), which with nearly three hundred thousand Canadian clients calls itself Canada's Challenger Bank™. Equitable Bank has grown to become the country's eighth-largest independent Schedule I bank. We flipped a coin (at least Aaron says he did) and Mr. Dunn will take the Case For, while Brennan takes the Case Against this growing financial service firm. Ryan will sit in as judge, jury, and executioner. Our YSOT this week came in from a listener on MAV Beauty Brands Inc. (MAV: TSX-V), which operates a diversified portfolio of four complimentary personal care brands – Marc Anthony, Renpure, Cake Beauty, and The Mane Choice – offering premium quality hair care, body care, and beauty products. The listener asks us our take on the stock which we reviewed on a past show and saw it pricy. With the stock selling off, the listener wonders if it offers value today. Listen on Apple Podcasts

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