Sep 21, 2022
Back from the Big Smoke, the center of the Canadian Universe, Hogtown, the city of many nicknames, or as Brennan, a huge Drake fan refers to it, the six. For most of our listeners who are likely still unaware of what city I am referring to – myself and Aaron just return from Toronto where we spoke to audiences at the MoneyShow – the first time in person for 3 years – we get into our talk and highlights of the event including my take on the folly of macro forecasts. We have a big stock debate for this week as the Killer B’s (Brennan & Brett) square off in a no hold’s barred battle. In the crosshairs this week is a company founded in Brennan’s current stomping grounds, a city previously thought to be made-up, yes, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The company, Vecima Networks Inc. (VCM:TSX), develops hardware and software solutions for broadband access, content delivery, and telematics. The coinflip chose Brennan for the Bear case, and Brett as the Bull. Aaron will sit in as judge, jury, and executioner. In light of recent interest rate hikes and the continued likelihood of more on the horizon, Aaron takes a brief look at the fixed income market – bonds, GICs and T-bills in a preview of some work he will be presenting at our Fall 2022 upcoming seminars. So, let’s get to the show!       Listen on Apple Podcasts

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