May 1, 2018
We have another busy show for you this week. We preview our upcoming 7-city DIY Stock Investment Seminar tour. Highlight current market valuations from a broad perspective in light of the run-up to start 2018 and susequent mini-correction. In our Your Stock, Our Take segment we look at Covalon Technologies Ltd (COV:TSX), a healthcare technologies development company which we have highlighted a number of times in our Breakthrough Report over the past several years. The stock has surged over 500% in the past two years but, along with the market generally, has experienced a volatile start to 2018. A listener asks whether we would BUY, SELL, or HOLD at present. Finally, our dog of the week is a stock we have been telling clients to actively avoid for the past 2-years, Patient Home Monitoring Corp. (PHM:TSX-V) – year-to-date, the stock is down 63%.

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