Mar 11, 2020
This week in KeyStone’s Stock Talk Podcast, we focus on issues surrounding: Covid-19, fear in the markets, the drop in oil, and our Your Stock Our Take is VitalHub Corp. (VHI:TSX-V). 
This week we briefly answer a listener question in our Your Stock Our Take Segment but in the light of the significant global market drop, we focus on issues surrounding (1) Covid-19, (2) Drop in oil - Canadian energy producers generally, (3) Fear in the markets, and (4) How to deal with it in your 15-25 stock portfolio. In our Your Stock Our Take Segment, our question is on VitalHub Corp. (VHI:TSX-V), which develops mobile healthcare solutions that allow clinicians to access information about patients. Its technologies include blockchain, patient flow, mobile and web-based assessment and electronic healthcare record solutions. A client who loves this space, asks us if VitalHub, which recently consolidated its shares, is good value at present.