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You heard Aaron’s live MoneyShow Presentation on Building a Winning Stock Portfolio in 2023: From Dividend Growers to Technology Innovation like Generative AI & ChatGPT.

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Special Offers on KeyStone’s Research

If you are serious about learning from KeyStone’s analysts on how to build a long-term, profitable stock portfolio that pays you to own it, adopt our strategy and build a simple 15-25 stock portfolio that can position your portfolio for the next Boyd (BYD:TSX), XPEL (XPEL:NASDAQ), Hammond Power (HPS.A:TSX), or Water Furnace.

The Proof is in the results!

If you would have attended our fall 2022 webinars you would have heard about Hammond Power and four other great stocks which have performed considerably well in the turbulent markets of 2023. And if you were a client you would have received our initial BUY Recommendation on Hammond, Viemed and Dynacor at significantly lower prices, providing returns of 7,672%, 265% and 69%, respectively.

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For over 24 years, KeyStone’s analysts have been identifying the best performing growth stocks in all of Canada. Profitable businesses you cannot find from your Big-Bank, traditional advisor.

How do we do it?

KeyStone analysts look through the financial statements and annual reports of every stock in Canada (over 3,500) twice a year to find just 10 select BUY recommendations for your portfolio.

Do not miss out!

Many of the great stocks KeyStone recommends to our clients cannot be found through your Big-Bank or traditional advisor. Only through KeyStone’s independent, client focussed research will you be exposed to many of these great businesses! Make a simple change in your portfolio today.