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Canadian Small-Cap & Canadian Income Stock$1598$899$699SCP19SD
Canadian Small-Cap & U.S. Growth Stock$1598$899$699SCP19SU
VIP Package – All KeyStone’s Services*$3196$1999$1197SCP19VP

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Looking to Add Dividend Income to your Portfolio?

Canadian Small-Cap Growth Stock Research + KeyStone’s Canadian Income Stock Research 

Regular Price: $1598

You Save: $699 

Special Price: $899

Use Rate Code: SCP19SD


KeyStone’s Income/Growth Stock Research Service provides retail and professional investors with independent BUY/SELL advice on Canada’s top Dividend Growth Stocks.

An Annual Subscription to our Dividend Stock Research provides you:

  • Monthly BUY/SELL Stock Report Recommendations.
  • Regular BUY/SELL Updates on Previously Recommended Stocks.
  • New Interactive Bi-Monthly (26 per year) Q&A Chat Sessions (link to page describing chat Sessions) Hosted by KeyStone Analysts – no other service offers you this type of analyst interaction.
  • Exclusive Hybrid Portfolio – our current Top Recommendations from each portfolio.
  • New Strategies including “How to Create Your Own TFSA Income Producing Portfolio!”
  • Cutting Edge Market Commentary.


  • New “Active” Model Income Portfolios (divided into risk categories – up to 10 stocks per portfolio). Designed for you to replicate within your discount brokerage account.
  • Monthly Updated Ratings on our Aggressive, Moderate, and Conservative Income Producing Portfolios.
  • All “Special Reports” Associated with our Income/Growth Stock Research including; KeyStone’s U.S. Dividend All-Start Report (value $599).

New Special Bonus

You receive our 75 page starter guide, KeyStone’s Equity PlayBook – designed to take clients through every step of the stock investment process from finding the best discount brokerage, to allocating the appropriate level of cash in your Small-Cap and/or Income Stock portfolios to knowing what to BUY, when to SELL and everything in between – a great tool for novice and experienced investors alike.

PLUS Get KeyStone’s 2019 Canadian Dividend All-Star Report For FREE with one year subscription

This report is the culmination of months of researching every dividend paying stock in the Canadian market to find the top recommendations for our clients.

Step 1: We went through all 3,139 securities listed on the TSX and TSX Venture exchange, separating out the 763 that pay dividend or income distributions.

Step 2: We identified the 352 companies that make up the complete universe of dividend paying stocks (real businesses).

Step 3: We applied KeyStone’s rigorous growth/value investment methodology to narrow the list down to 74 companies with strong financial performance and sustainable dividends.

Step 4: We drilled down further into each individual company to identify the top 31 stocks that make up our ‘Top Tier’ monitor list.

Step 5: Finally, we recommended the best 8 individual stocks to our clients based on growth, financial stability and income generation.

KeyStone’s 2019 Dividend All-Star Report truly represents the very best of what the Canadian dividend market has to offer. Not only do you receive current and insightful research and analysis on the top 31 dividend growth stocks on the Canadian market, but we also further reduce that list to recommend the top 8 companies that could be added to your portfolio right away. The top 8 dividend growth stocks out of an initial list of 352 companies.


Looking for U.S. Growth Stocks?

Canadian Small-Cap Growth Stock Research + KeyStone’s U.S. Growth Stock Research

Regular Price: $1598

You Save: $699 

Special Price: $899

Use Rate Code: SCP19SU


Each year our analysts will tear through the financial statements of over 2,500 of the most under researched U.S. listed Small-Cap Stocks – uncovering unique and under-followed growth and value priced stocks before the broader market finds them. We leave no stone unturned in our search for undervalued growth stocks from any industry including technology, bio-tech, manufacturing, healthcare, oil & gas, materials, mining, consumer (stables & discretionary), services, and more.

From our US Growth Stock Research EPAM Systems Inc. (EPAM:NASDAQ) and Zynex, Inc. (ZYXI:NASDAQ) have gained 56% and 100%+ respectively. Zynex was just sold for a 200% profit in 18 months.

An Annual Subscription to our U.S. Growth Stock Research provides you:

  • Access to KeyStone’s Model U.S. Growth Stock Portfolio
  • BUY/SELL/HOLD Advice): 8-12 stocks strategically bought over a 12-18 month period.
  • All New BUY Recommendations: Simple to read, institutional level reports on under-followed and undervalued U.S. companies.
  • FLASH Update Reports (BUY/SELL/HOLD Advice): Simple to read, fully updated reports on previously recommended stocks with new ratings and actionable advice.
  • Bi-Monthly Chat Sessions (26 Per Year): Analyst hosted interactive Q&A sessions updating any covered U.S. Small-Cap and current market conditions or new opportunities.
  • Plus
  • Additional Coverage Reports:
  • Select U.S. Small-Cap (BUY/SELL/HOLD Advice) stocks from outside our Model Focus BUY Portfolio.
  • Special Reports: Including our U.S. Cash Rich, Profitable Small-Cap Report and our U.S. Opportunities Report ($599 each if sold separately).
  • Archived Research: Access to all relevant historical U.S. Small-Cap research.


Become a VIP and Get All of KeyStone’s Research

Canadian Small-Cap Growth Stock Research + Canadian Income Stock Research + KeyStone’s U.S. Growth Stock Research

Get all of our research packages for the best savings possible!

Regular Price: $3196

You Save: $1197 

Special Price: $1999

Use Rate Code: SCP19VP