"On-Demand Webinar" Build a Winning Stock Portfolio for 2024 - AI to Electrification & Buffett's Great Stocks

  • All you need to know to effectively structure a winning stock portfolio and, most importantly, the right stocks to put in it.

  • 7 Profitable Stocks You Can Buy Today – KeyStone’s top AI Stock, top dividend growth stock, top SaaS tech, top cash rich healthcare, top gold-related, top unknown cash-rich small-cap, and more..

  • How 2-3 great stocks in your life can be game-changing in your portfolio – Real examples from our research include Boyd Group (BYD:TSX) the best-performing stock in Canada over the past decade up over 10,500% and Hammond Power (HPS.A:TSX) up over 9,800% (Best performing TSX stock past year).

  • Hot Topics: Invest in AI – the opportunities are & what to avoid. Electrification – a generational opportunity as the world switches to EVs – research from our special report on over 400 electrification stocks, including Hammond Power up over 240% since our recommendation last fall.

  • How the Big Banks Are Killing Your Returns: Build a Buffett Growth Portfolio in 8 Simple Steps – 15-25 growth & dividend growth stock portfolio designed to enrich you, not your advisor.

  • A Canadian’s roadmap to US investing opportunities: Insights from our report on the top 100 U.S. stocks.

  • 5 Simple Steps to Review Any Stock in 5 Minutes or Less.

  • Live Recorded 30 minute Q&A Session: Ryan Irvine, Aaron Dunn, & Team answer your questions on stocks and strategies.


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Proof is in the Results

If you attended our Fall 2022 Live Webinar, you would have received our BUY recommendation on Hammond Power (HPS.A:TSX), a completely unknown Canadian Electrification stock that jumped from $16 to $55 today, making it the best performing revenue producing Stock on the TSX over the past year – sign-up for our Live 2023 Webinar and receive our top 5 stocks to buy today – do not miss out!

In the Fall of 2022, Hammond Power was set to more than double its earnings. But no other analyst in the country was recommending the stock.

In fact, it remains completely off the radar of Big Bank advisors, despite being a top 5 performer over the past 2 decades.

1 year later Hammond Power has surged 240% to the $55.00 range driven by record earnings growth, and yet it is still relatively cheap. The company continues to benefit from the surge in EV ownership and the aging North American electrical grid – both of which are potential generational opportunities.

For our clients, the story of this great stock began back in early 2000s, when Hammond Power traded for just pennies, in the $0.60 range – our original BUY recommendation. Hammond Power was a profitable, growing business purchased for under $1.00 – with no analyst coverage.  The stock has now gained over 9,800%.

Just $20,000 invested in the stock back then would be worth over $1.8 million today.  Truly a portfolio changing investment.

But it does not stop at Hammond Power, KeyStone’s research team has also recommended the best performing stock in all of Canada over the past decade, the Boyd Group (BYD:TSX), up over 10,800%.

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  • Learn why the construction of your stock portfolio may be preventing you from creating true wealth and how you can make simple changes today to correct this.
  • How adding just 2-3 great stocks in your lifetime (like Hammond Power) can dramatically affect your wealth long-term.

Attend our Live no-nonsense Stock Investing Webinar with real world examples, well researched stock recommendations (5 you can start buying today), receiver our recently released Electrification Stock Special Report ($599) and let us help you become a better investor.

If you need further proof that our research and live Webinars are worth your time, have a listen to several of the thousands of Canadian investors who have attended one of our Stock Investing Webinars. In other words, don’t just take my word for it.

Don’t just take our word for it. (Real testimonials).

Learn About 7 Great Stocks You Can Add to Your Portfolio.

KeyStone’s top analysts Ryan Irvine & Aaron Dunn will detail 7 Buy Recommendations from our current research. The same analysts picked both the number one and number four performing stocks in Canada over the past decade.

Join the thousands of Canadians who have already benefited from KeyStone’s no-nonsense stock portfolio-building seminars. Purchase the On-Demand Webinar Build a Winning Stock Portfolio for 2024 – AI to Electrification & Buffett’s Great Stocks and learn about 7 stocks from our coverage you can buy today, including:

  1. KeyStone’s top dividend growth stock to beat inflation!
  2. Top U.S. Growth Stock from our Special Top 100 U.S. Stock Report.
  3. Top Unknown Canadian Gold stock paying a 4% dividend, huge cash balance trading under $3.00 with 3-4 times return potential over the next 3 years.
  4. Update on our top unknown small-cap electrification stock trading at under 10 times earnings & a partner of Tesla – up 240% from our Fall 2022 Live Webinar plus an unknown new electrification stock.
  5. Top renewable energy stock paying a 5%+ dividend.
  6. Top AI / Software / Cloud Computing Stock.
  7. Top unknown cash-rich small-cap – we are searching for the next Hammond Power, Boyd, XPEL, WaterFurnace, or Photon Control – stocks that were recommended by no other analyst in Canada, but could have changed your portfolio if bought on KeyStone’s recommendation.
  8. And more..

You Need a Plan.

Making money in the stock market is easy, right? Wrong!

In 2022 the entire NASDAQ was down over 32.1%, and over half the exchange was down 60%. But from crisis comes opportunity.

An Opportunity: Quality Growth Small-Cap Stocks Trade at Significant Discount

Forward Looking PE’s on:

  • S&P 500 Large Cap: 18.9x
  • Mega-Cap 8: 28.1x
  • S&P 600 Small-Cap: 13.8x

The last time the stock market dropped this violently and high quality growth stocks went on sale, our research team recommended the best performing stock over the next decade in all of Canada.

That stock, The Boyd Group (BYD:TSX) traded then at just $2.30, today it trades above $245.00 per share, up $10,800% (incl. Dividends). While fear has crept into the market this Fall, we plan to execute the same strategy which led us to Boyd and its game changing returns in the last true bear market (2008-2009) – we did as Warren Buffet instructed.

“Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.”

–        Warren Buffett.

We plan to be greedy over the next 12-24 months, scouring Canadian & US markets for great long-term growth and dividend growth stocks that go on sale to uncover the next Boyd (BYD:TSX) up 10,814%, Hammond Power (HPS.A: TSX) up 9,812%, or XPEL (XPEL:NASDAQ) up 4,600%, WaterFurnace (WFI:TSX), Brookfield Infrastructure (BIP.UN:TSX), Photon Control (PHO:TSX), and more… most which gained over 1,000% in the past decade and produced game changing returns in client portfolios.

Start building a simple 15-25 stock portfolio today composed of quality Canadian Dividend Growth Stocks, High Growth-Profitable Small-Caps, & U.S. Growth & Value Stocks – save on fees and take advantage of the long-term opportunities.

Current Research

KeyStone’s 2024 US Growth Stock Report – Discovering the Next Great Growth Stocks ($599):

Become a client today and ending 2023, you will receive a unique special report designed to uncover the next great growth stock by screening roughly 5,000 U.S. Stocks with market caps of less than $250 million. All companies are screened for revenue growth, profitability, balance sheet health, and valuations. Our analyst team then conducts in-depth research on the 975 stocks that met our initial criteria to uncover profitable, growth-oriented companies which are under-followed and trade with attractive valuations – leading us to discover the next great growth stocks with a similar profile to past KeyStone recommendations including BoydHammond Power, or XPEL.

Do not miss this report you will find nowhere else.

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  1. KeyStone’s 2023 Electrification Special Report ($599). – Analysis and top recommendations from the universe of Cash Rich Canadian Small-Cap.
  2. KeyStone’s Top 100 U.S. Stock Special Report ($599) – Analysis and top recommendations from the the top 100 U.S. Stocks.
  3. On-Demand Webinar: Build a Stock Portfolio During a Bear, Profit in the Boom ($79). 

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