KeyStone's 2022 Canadian Dividend All-Star Report

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To find the best, we analyzed all of the approximately 400 Canadian-listed dividend paying stocks and just completed our 2022 Canadian Dividend Stock All-Star Report, which is the culmination of 6 months of research to provide what we consider to be the very best dividend growth stocks that the Canadian market has to offer.

The full report includes all 18 of our top BUY recommendations and sells for $599 alone, but today, we are releasing a Preview Copy of with 3 of our top BUY recommendations, for no charge, allowing you to sample KeyStone’s fully independent research.

Why listen to our advice?

Keystone has been doing this for over 22 years and picked the best performing dividend stock in Canada the past decade, the Boyd Group (BYD:TSX) a great dividend growth stock at $2.30 which now trades above $170.00 for a return (including dividends) of over 7,500%.

The report also details how inflation just hit its highest level in 40 years (8.5% annually), according to Statista, and can negatively impact returns in your portfolio, if you do not take action.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution any investor can use that will act as your ‘secret weapon in the fight against inflation’.

One which Goldman Sachs, which recently predicted that inflation would top 6% through the third quarter of this year, called one of their best ideas for 2022.

Dividend Growth Stock Investing.

Sound boring?

Not if you like keeping your cash and growing your portfolio.

We are not talking about stodgy old dividend payers.

In fact, one of our top Dividend Growth stock recommendations this past year, an unknown gold processor, Dynacor Gold (DNG:TSX), saw its revenues jump 100% in 2021, raised its dividend twice, currently pays over 3.5%, and saw its share price rise over 83% in less than a year. The stock is debt free, with a huge cash balance, still trading at 6 times cash flow (ex. Cash) and should grow its dividend again in 2022.

Combine these type of unknown Dividend Growth Stocks with our top ranked Canadian financial stock, top REIT, top infrastructure stock, top renewable energy stock, top high yielding royalty stock and more and you have powerful inflation fighting and market beating tools.

Don’t miss out on these three top dividend growth stocks buys including a global infrastructure stock which is structured to fight inflation, one of our top growth REITs in Canada, and an unknown growing, cash rich, copper related high yielding dividend growth small-cap stock. 

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The full report sells for $599, but we are releasing a preview copy today for no charge.

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