General Admission: How to Build a Portfolio DIY Webinar


Lesson 1. KeyStones’ Simple Portfolio Building Plan – designed to enrich you, not your advisor.
Lesson 2. Why 2-3 Great Investment Ideas can Change your Life.
Lesson 3: 8 Great Stocks You Can Buy Today.
Lesson 4: Why Canadians Need Exposure to the US Market.
Lesson 5: How to Start or Fix Your Stock Portfolio Today.
Lesson 6: Stocks 101 – everything you need to get started.
Lesson 7: RRSP & TFSA Basics.
Lesson 8: Learn 5 Simple Steps to Analyze any Stock in 5 Mins.
Lesson 9: A Recorded 30-40-minute Q&A Session (Plus Live Call).


Gift included with the ticket:

1.KeyStone’s 2021-2022 NASDAQ Under $2 Billion Small-Cap Market Report ($599).


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