KeyStone’s 2021 Canadian Cannabis Report


KeyStone has reviewed the public North American Cannabis market since inception. At legalization in Canada, we rejected all candidates as uninvestable due to a lack of profitability, high valuations and a significant production capacity overbuild. Over the ensuing year, Cannabis stocks across the board plummeted. In late 2019, a very select number of U.S. operating Cannabis stocks had emerged into profitability and one name finally met our criteria. The stock was recommended at $15.99 and reiterated less than a month later at $13.35 as a SPEC BUY. We have since added two smaller Cannabis operators in the U.S. market.  We continued to monitor players with operations primarily in the Canadian market but broadly speaking the operational struggles continued. Within this report we conduct statistical analysis on 31 Canadian Cannabis Operators, break down 8-10 of the businesses in more detail and make 3 recommendations in the U.S. Cannabis space. 

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