On-Demand Webinar: A Better way to Build a Stock Portfolio in 2023


Webinar Agenda:

Lesson 1: How is the stock market valued today historically – inflation & rising rates and your portfolio – the difference one great stock makes.

Lesson 2: Investing in Artificial Intelligence: How ChatGPT and Other Innovative Apps can Propel Tech to New Heights and Transform the Global Economy.

Lesson 3: How the Big Banks are Killing your Returns – a Better Way to Build your Portfolio in 8 Simple Steps.

Lesson 4: The Future of Energy Investing – Oil & Gas vs. Renewables – solar, wind, nuclear, EV’s and Battery.

Lesson 5: 5 Simple Steps to Review Any Stock in 5 Minutes or Less.

Starter Portfolio: 9 Great Stocks You Can Buy Today

Live (recorded) 30-40-minute Q&A Session:

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