On-Demand Webinar: Post-Pandemic Opportunities for Your Stock Portfolio in 2022 & Beyond


Webinar Agenda:

  1. All you need to know to effectively structure a winning stock portfolio and, most importantly, the right stocks to put in it.
  2. The Stealth Tech Crash & the Buying Opportunity

    – Half of NASDAQ listed stocks have lost 50% of their value from 2021 highs – which to avoid & which great tech stocks now offer long-term value.

  3. 2022 Outlook: Current Risks, Opportunities, and the 5 Most Asked Questions from Investors

    – What is the likelihood of a crash or major correction in the near future? What are the key risks and opportunities in the economy and stock market today? How do I manage the risks of rising interest rates, inflation, and supply chain issues?  Is it better to invest now or wait? What is KeyStone’s best piece of advice for investors today? 

  4. KeyStones’ Simple Portfolio Building Plan

    – how to build a simple 15-25 growth & dividend growth stock portfolio designed to enrich you, not your advisor. 

  5. Hot Topics & Post Pandemic Opportunities in 2022:
    • Technology: Cloud, AI, automation, digitization, and cybersecurity.  
    • Infrastructure Assets
    • Cash Flow Rental Properties – Industrial and Apartment REITs
    • Infrastructure Development
    • Dividend Growth Stocks
    • Special Situation and Select Commodities
    • Speculative Areas – Cryptocurrency, NFTs, and Meme Stocks.
  6. 7 Great Stocks You Can Buy Today

    – KeyStone’s top SaaS tech, top REIT, top healthcare, top FAANG, top gold-related, top energy-related, top dividend growth stock, and more.

  7. Live (recorded) 30-40-minute Q&A Session:

    Ryan Irvine & Aaron Dunn – Answer your questions on stocks and strategies.

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