Quite simply, you gain access to growth & earnings-based stocks you can find nowhere else.

  • Diversify into the U.S. with first coverage on high growth, low-priced profitable stocks.
  • Independent and updated BUY/SELL/HOLD Stock Reports.
  • Small-Cap stocks vastly outperform large-cap stocks!

For the past 16-years, KeyStone has provided our clients with unique Canadian-based research focusing on high-growth reasonably priced small-cap stocks. Our GARP or Growth at a Reasonable Price model has proved very successful within the under researched small-cap segment.

You Asked for it – KeyStone Delivers

Over the years we have received countless requests to extend our coverage into the U.S. market. After carefully studying the market we have crafted what we believe will be a winning strategy for the U.S. market.

Each year our analysts will tear through the financial statements of over 2,500 of the most under researched U.S. listed Small-Cap Stocks – uncovering unique and under-followed growth and value priced stocks before the broader market finds them. We leave no stone unturned in our search for undervalued growth stocks from any industry including technology, bio-tech, manufacturing, healthcare, oil & gas, materials, mining, consumer (stables & discretionary), services, and more.

What you receive

  • Access to KeyStone’s Model U.S. Growth Stock Portfolio (BUY/SELL/HOLD Advice): 8-12 stocks strategically bought over a 12-18 month period.
  • All New BUY Recommendations: simple to read, institutional level reports on under-followed and undervalued US.
  • FLASH Update Reports (BUY/SELL/HOLD Advice): simple to read fully updated reports on previously recommended stocks with new ratings and actionable advice.
  • Bi-Monthly Chat Sessions (26 Per Year) – analyst hosted interactive Q&A sessions updating any covered U.S. Small-Cap and current market conditions or new opportunities.
  • Additional Coverage Reports: select U.S. Small-Cap (BUY/SELL/HOLD Advice) stocks from outside our Model Focus BUY Portfolio.
  • Special Reports: Including our U.S. Cash Rich, Profitable Small-Cap Report and our U.S. Opportunities Report ($599 each if sold separately)
  • Archived Research: access to all relevant historical U.S. Small-Cap research.
  • All reports are emailed directly to clients and posted in client accounts on www.keystocks.com.

U.S. Small-Cap Growth Stock Research (USGS) Model Portfolio Strategy

Our USGS Research is designed to help you prudently and systematically build and develop your growth stock portfolio over a 6-month to 3-year period and help you beat the market long term. We believe in a patient approach that involves time-tested fundamental research in the under-researched area of the market – Small-Cap Growth & Value stocks.

To fully understand our recommendations, carefully read the report itself, not just the rating. While the basic criteria behind the majority of our ratings is derived from a central theme (solid revenues, earnings, and cash flow with above average current and forward looking growth, with a solid balance sheet), each stock or company recommendation is individual unto itself. As a result, due to the unique nature of each company there are company specific elements to every recommendation. We suggest you carefully consider if the individual company fits your investment style and personal risk level and whether or not it fits within the broader scope of your portfolio. Our advice does not extend to your specific portfolio, only to provide an independent view on whether or not an individual company offers good investment value based on our specific proven criteria.

While our research service provides excellent new and original investment ideas for investors and traders alike, it is not a trading service and we do not recommend trading in and out of stocks on a daily basis. We are looking for our growth stocks to react to their quarterly financial performance over time, building shareholder wealth through earnings growth.

Remember, not every stock will be right for you and patiently adding to or establishing your Small-Cap portfolio over the course of 6-months to 3-years is a prudent approach.

Sign-up today, use our research and start building your simple 8-12 U.S. Growth Stock Portfolio today. U.S. exposure remains a critical component of any Canadian portfolio – do not miss out on this opportunity!