After carefully studying the market we have crafted a winning strategy for the U.S. market. Each year our analysts tear through the financial statements of over 2,500 of the most under researched U.S. listed Small-Cap Stocks – uncovering unique and under-followed growth and value priced stocks before the broader market finds them. We leave no stone unturned in our search for undervalued growth stocks from any industry including technology, bio-tech, manufacturing, healthcare, oil & gas, materials, mining, consumer (stables & discretionary), services, and more.


Focus Buy Recommendations

S&P 500 Index


Performance presented here is based on an equally weighted average of all featured BUY rated companies throughout that year, if one were to buy an equal amount in each company recommended and held to the closing price on the specified dates. It should not be assumed that the past performance of any companies featured in our research will equal future performance.