Since May 2009, KeyStone’ Income Stock Research Service has provided its subscribers and institutional clientele with premium independent income/growth stock research – it is quite simply independent, cash flow focussed coverage you can find nowhere else. Our no-nonsense fundamental approach to analyzing stocks, which focuses on real companies, with strong balance sheets, producing real revenues, earnings, and cash flow, produces real results. We think the numbers speak for themselves.

Expert BUY/SELL advice on top Dividend Growth Stocks

The following tables provide consolidated performance data on all Income Stock Report (ISR) recommendations from inception (May 15th, 2009) to the last trading day of the calendar year 2011. The data is presented on an annual basis and alongside our calculations of comparable data for the S&P TSX Composite Index and S&P TSX Canadian Dividend Aristocrats Index for the same period. Appendices A, B, and C provide more detailed date including performance by company and by source (capital gains and income returns).

The performance data provided in this report does not represent actual return on capital from an investment fund. As an advisory-only service, KeyStone measures its ISR performance based on share price appreciation and income return of all recommended companies from initial coverage (BUY recommendation) until the coverage is discontinued (SELL recommendation). It is our opinion that this method is the most relevant, reliable, and verifiable measurement of annual performance for an advisory-only service.

Income/Growth Stock Research Service Returns

YearOur Performance Hybrid Portfolio
13 Year Cumulative367%
Annual Average13.1%

The track record / performance data for KeyStone’s Hybrid (Balanced) Risk Portfolio is calculated using the time weighted rate of return method. Data is calculated using share price gains and losses and dividend payments over the period of time that individual, BUY rated, securities are included in the portfolio. This data is provided for informational purposes only. As this is a model portfolio, it does not include additional costs associated with trading commissions, taxes, etc. Past performance should not be relied upon as an indicator of future performance.


Recent Sample Recommendations

Telus Corporation (T:TSX)

Recommendation Date: July 2009
Recommendation Price: $30.19
Recommendation Yield: 6.3%
Recent Price (May 9, 2012): $58,13
Total Return: 105%





Carfinco Income Fund (CFN.UN)

Recommendation Date: Feb 2010
Recommendation Price: $2.90
Recommendation Yield: 8.3%
Recent Price (Apr 12, 2011): $6.45
Total Return: 172%






DirectCash Payments Inc. (DCI:TSX)

Recommendation Date: Aug 2009
Recommendation Price: $10.44
Recommendation Yield: 13.2%
SELL Price (Aug 2010): $18.55
Total Return: 93.0%






Extendicare REIT (EXE.UN:TSX)

Recommendation Date: Jan 2010
Recommendation Price: $9.33
Recommendation Yield: 8.9%
Recent Price (Apr 12, 2011): $12.84
Total Return: 48.0%






Ag Growth International Inc. (AFN:TSX)

Recommendation Date: Aug 2010
Recommendation Price: $31.79
Recommendation Yield: 6.4%
Recent Price (Apr 12, 2011): $46.08
Total Return: 55.5%