Canadian Small-Cap Growth Stock and VIP Research Clients gain access to the Canadian Small-Cap Growth Stock “Active Portfolios” section via their member account on This section provides clients up-to-date ratings, the most recent update report, report/recommendation history, and current action notes on individual stocks in our Active Coverage Universe in one interface. By utilizing their own discount brokerage accounts (with the financial firm of their choice), clients can begin to build their own portfolio or to mirror KeyStone’s Active Portfolios utilizing our BUY, SELL & HOLD ratings on the individual stocks over time.

4 Specific Portfolios

In response to client requests, we have separated our research into 4 specific portfolios.

  1. Focus BUY Portfolio
  2. Additional Coverage
  3. Monitor List
  4. Canadian Micro-Cap Discoveries Portfolio (Coming Soon)

Our Focus BUY portfolio includes our highest rated stocks in our Canadian Small-Cap Research. Generally, we suggest clients utilize this Model Portfolio to select the 8-12 stocks for their own Canadian Small-Cap Growth/Value Stock Portfolio. Focus on those stocks with current BUY recommendations in both the near and long-term. We also recommend clients read, at the very least, the conclusion section of our “Most Recent” report on any stock for our latest advice before buying or selling a stock. In layman’s terms, these companies are the pick of the litter in our Canadian Small-Cap Coverage Universe. They offer compelling near, mid, or long-term fundamentals and generally above average growth levels.

Focus BUY Portfolio Section example

Additional Coverage

Our Additional Coverage section provides access to individual reports and rating on companies in our current coverage, but not on our Focus BUY List. A number of the stocks included are the product of research from our Special Reports including our annual Cash Rich, Profitable Small-Cap Report and our Breakthrough Small-Cap Report and offer growth potential and meet the full or partial criteria of those specific reports. We provide coverage on these individual companies as a service to some of our more active clients as well as clients who want a more diverse stock offering to select from. The stocks here may or may not be upgraded to our Focus BUY List. We rank stocks in this section well above the majority of Canadian Small-Caps.

Monitor List

This section consists of stocks in our Growth Stocks Coverage Universe which may have recently received a SELL rating, remain both a long and short-term HOLD, or were included in a recent Special Report and we are monitoring for appropriate entry points. These stocks continue to be in our Active Coverage but we do not recommend buying the companies at present or adding to current positions.

Canadian Micro-Cap Discoveries Portfolio (Coming Soon)

At present we are completing research on a new area of our Canadian Small-Cap Research which will create – KeyStone’s Canadian Small-Cap Discoveries Portfolio. Included in this portfolio will be 10-12 emerging growth stocks with strong near-term growth and company specific opportunities that could produce strong upside if executed effectively in the near, mid and long-term. Our bias will be towards growth stocks which have just posted a profit breakthrough or those that appear poised to breakthrough near-term. These companies typically have little to no analyst coverage on Bay Street which gives us a huge advantage if they continue to grow. We are looking to buy early and profit near and long-term. We consider these “Special Situation” stocks only appropriate for risk capital as they are truly high risk investments and at the highest end in terms of risk in KeyStone’s coverage universe.

Small-Cap Research Portfolio Strategy

Our Growth Stock Research is designed to help you prudently and systematically build and develop your growth stock portfolio over a 6-month to 3-year period and help you beat the market long term. We believe in a patient approach that involves time-tested fundamental research in the under-researched area of the market – Small-Cap Growth & Value stocks.

To fully understand our recommendations, carefully read the report itself, not just the rating. While the basic criteria behind the majority of our ratings is derived from a central theme (solid revenues, earnings, and cash flow with above average current and forward looking growth, with a solid balance sheet), each stock or company recommendation is individual unto itself. As a result, due to the unique nature of each company there are company specific elements to every recommendation. We suggest you carefully consider if the individual company fits your investment style and personal risk level and whether or not it fits within the broader scope of your portfolio. Our advice does not extend to your specific portfolio, only to provide an independent view on whether or not an individual company offers good investment value based on our specific proven criteria.

While our research service provides excellent new and original investment ideas for investors and traders alike, it is not a trading service and we do not recommend trading in and out of stocks on a daily basis. We are looking for our growth stocks to react to their quarterly financial performance over time, building shareholder wealth through earnings growth.

Remember, not every stock will be right for you and patiently adding to or establishing your Small-Cap portfolio over the course of 6 months to 3 years is a prudent approach.