Your Future Portfolio Today in 10 Stocks

Blending Today’s Hottest Themes with Fundamental Growth Principles

Cannabis Stocks | Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Blockchain | Internet of Things (IoT) | SaaS Stocks | Aging Population (Healthcare) | A Few Unique Stocks

Fall 2018 Workshop Dates

September 13th
7pm – 9pm
Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel & Conference Centre
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September 24th
7pm – 9pm
Coast Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre
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September 25th
7pm – 9pm
Varscona Hotel on Whyte
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September 26th
7pm – 9pm
Coast Hotel Kamloops
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September 27th
7pm – 9pm
UBC Robson Square
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October 3rd
7pm – 9pm
Sandman Signatures Hotel Langley
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90% SOLD
October 4th
7pm – 9pm
Coast Hotel Victoria
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Attend our seminar if you want to:

  • Learn about 5 new great stocks we think you should buy today – growth and dividend growth stocks!
  • Simplify your portfolio.
  • Pay less fees.
  • Learn how to effectively incorporate today’s headline grabbing future themes into your portfolio; Cannabis Stocks, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), SaaS Stocks, Aging Population (Healthcare) and more…
  • Learn how KeyStone recommended clients buy XPEL Inc. (DAP.U:TSX-V) at $1.43, the single best performing Canadian-listed non penny stock in 2018.– XPEL has gained 390% in 2018!
  • Learn how KeyStone recommended (over 25 times) our clients buy Boyd Group Income Fund (BYD.UN:TSX) at $2.30, the single best performing stock on the TSX over the past 10-years. Boyd has gained over 5,700% since its recommendation.
  • Learn how to craft a core of great dividend paying growth stock augmented by high growth, profitable lesser known stocks to help you beat the market long-term.
  • Learn how diversification may not be your friend.
  • Ask our two veteran analysts, Aaron Dunn & Ryan Irvine, any question about the markets, our strategy or any stock, in our 1-hour post seminar Q&A session.

Ryan Irvine and the KeyStone team are the best small-cap analysts in Canada, in my estimation. Their focus on profitable growth companies has produced a steady steam of winners for readers of my Wealth Builder newsletter. including one stock that has gained over 1,000%.

Gordon Pape, Canadian Author, Columnist & Investor.

Special Gift with your Ticket

Receive one of Keystone’s exclusive Special Reports, for free, with your ticket to one of our events.

Canadian Cannabis Stock Report 

“A fundamental look at the 100+ Canadian stocks this booming industry”

  • Includes summary reports & fundamentals statistics on all 100+ Cannabis related stocks in Canada.
  • Producers, distributors, pharma related, paraphernalia, edibles, and more.
  • All from a fundamental (revenues, EBITDA, management and productive capacity) perspective.

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KeyStone’s 2018 Cash Rich, Profitable Canadian Small-Cap Stock Report – Just Released!

“A must read for Canadian Growth Stock Investors”

  • 150 Page Report Identifies Takeover Targets.
  • Provides Full Reports & Statistical analysis on 60 companies from the 3,000 Canadian stocks reviewed – 4 New BUY Reports, 2 Long-Term BUYs & our 9 Stock Cash Rich Monitor List.

Regular Price $599 

Simple Quality Research for Your Equity Portfolio

Dissatisfied with high fees and meager returns from traditional big bank mutual fund and ETF investing? You are not alone.

There is a powerful movement across the country – we see it every day as we add more new clients. Canadians are taking charge of their financial future and looking for simple alternatives to help them build long-term wealth.

For the past 19-years KeyStone has been helping thousands of Canadians build simple 10-20 stock portfolios composed of cash generating and underfollowed stocks. We stress quality stocks over quantity in an effort to beat the market long-term.

In our DIY Investment Seminars, we share our strategies as well as a number of recent stock selections to get you started on your path towards financial independence.

Our seminar is not going to sell you insurance, help you do your taxes, provide an estate plan, show you any exotic and risky futures or options strategies – all KeyStone does is research stocks.

We are equity specialists focusing on the largest and most important component of your portfolio long-term – quality stocks.

Fall 2018 DIY Stock Investing Lesson Agenda

  • Introduction

    Welcome – we share a few investing anecdotes.
    Background behind our DIY Seminars.
    How we picked the top performing Canadian stocks in both 2018 and over the past 10 years.
    What we hope to accomplish.

  • Strategy: Protect Yourself and Beat the Markets

    Primer: how we blend today’s hottest trends: Cannabis, Blockchain, AI, Internet of Things, SaaS Stocks, & Aging Demographics, with sound fundamental investing.
    A couple of great stocks from our coverage.
    Areas of Focus: growth stocks, dividend/income stocks and US/International diversification.
    How to construct a simple 10-20 stock equity portfolio – less complication, less fees.

  • Key Investment Themes of Today & the Future

    a. Cannabis

    b. Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

    c. AI, Big Data & IoT

    d. Cybersecurity

    e. Plus, specific recommendations for each segment – buy, sell or avoid all together?

  • Conclusion

    Final Portfolio thoughts.
    Current market conditions.

  • Q&A

    Both Aaron Dunn and Ryan Irvine take your questions on any topics covered in the seminar. The session typically lasts from 30 to 90 additional minutes and we talk the seminar, individual stocks inside and outside our coverage. It is truly interactive and gives the audience one-one-one access to KeyStone’s experienced team of analysts. We often get great questions, share insights and opinions candidly and it is a great deal of fun!


Vancouver DIY Seminar Guest

I heard about the Keystone seminars on the Moneytalks radio program and decided to go along as I am always trying to improve my own financial education as a self directed “newbie” investor. I have to say I was rather sceptical and half expected a “get rich quick” hard sell type seminars having attended such before. I was so pleasantly surprised that instead the Keystone presenters provided easy to understand, common sense advice and education with a unique approach. In terms of time well spent and the financial information gleaned it was an absolute bargain. Following the seminar, I have a greater understanding of investing strategy and I also bought one of their stock recommendations which has served me incredibly well having risen more than 30 percent in less than a year.

Dave Kegler

KeyStone Client

I have been a subscriber of Keystone Financial for 9 years. I have found that Ryan and Aaron’s ability to find under-valued, under-followed profitable companies is second to none. They play in a niche part of the market, only advising on profitable companies, especially companies that aren’t well known. They may miss out on on early stage unprofitable companies but as a subscriber I also know that my investments are safe and can withstand severe market downturns. For example, yesterday the US Dow Jones was down 1100 points and of my five US holdings, four were up and one was even, not to mention that the one that was even is up over 100 percent since their recommendation and that doesn’t include the dividend. I have made substantial money from their Small Cap and US Growth Research. I also subscribe to their Income Stock Research for the income portion of my portfolio. I really enjoy their Cash Rich, Break-though and Orphan reports which they put out yearly. In one of these reports they highlighted a company that I purchased which has returned over 600 percent in just two years. I have attended Keystone’s last two DIY seminars in Edmonton which were very informative. These seminars help investors understand the basis for how they can evaluate and invest in companies traded on the US and Canadian stock markets. They also take questions from the audience and stay until they have answered everyone. I highly recommend Keystone’s research for anyone wanting to invest in the stock market. In my opinion they will give you the best un-baised research of any investment analysts for an exceptional price.