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Learn. Take Control. Build a Winning Portfolio.

Attend KeyStone’s DIY Stock Seminar and find out what unique stocks to buy, how many, and when to sell. 
All you need to know to effectively structure a winning stock portfolio and, most importantly, the right stocks to put in it.

Build a Simple Stock Portfolio to Crush the Market

Dissatisfied with high fees and meager returns from traditional big bank mutual fund and ETF investing? You are not alone.

There is a powerful movement across the country – we see it every day as we add more new clients. Canadians are taking charge of their financial future and looking for simple alternatives to help them build long-term wealth.

For the past 18-years KeyStone has been helping thousands of Canadians build simple 10-12 stock portfolios composed of cash generating and underfollowed stocks. We stress quality stocks over quantity in an effort to beat the market long-term.

In our DIY Investment Seminar, we share our strategies as well as a couple of recent stock selections to get you started on your path towards financial independence.

Our seminar is not going to sell you insurance, help you do your taxes, provide an estate plan, show you an exotic and risk futures or options strategies – all KeyStone does research stocks.

We are equity specialists focusing on the largest and most important component of your portfolio long-term – quality stocks.



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What You Will Learn

Investing 101 & KeyStone’s Strategy
  • What is investing / what is a stock?
  • Anatomy of a successful stock investment.
  • Case Studies – Including Boyd Group Income Fund (BYD.UN:TSX): September 2008 BUY at $2.30, Current Price $197.50 – gain over 8,400%.
  • Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP) Investing Basics.
Building Portfolios – Simple Tips
  • Discount Brokerage – quick review & which to choose.
  • Individual Asset Allocation.
  • Focused Diversification – our simple strategy – quality stocks, less stocks, less fees, easy to manage.
  • Building portfolios over time.
  • Layering into positions.
  • Structuring a single Canadian growth stock, Canadian income (dividend), or US growth & dividend stock portfolio or a combination of the three;
  • How many stocks?
  • Risk Tolerance.
  • Review and rebalance your portfolio.
Areas of Focus
  • Why Dividend Growth Stocks? Plus 2 to 3 stock selections – BUY ratings and why.
  • Why Small-Caps Growth Stocks? Plus 2 to 3 stock selections – BUY ratings and why.
  • Why U.S. Growth & Dividend Stocks? Plus 1 to 2 stock selections – BUY ratings and why.